Mackenzie Church » St Columba and St Stephen’s

St Columba and St Stephen’s



St Columba, 10.00am Sundays
St Stephen’s, 9.00am First Sundays of Month

Good Friday, 9.30am at St Columba
Easter Morning, 8.30am at St Stephen’s
Easter Morning, 10.00am at St Columba

There are two special places of worship used by the Mackenzie Cooperating Church in the township of Fairlie. St Columba is our primary space for gathered worship and is found on the Main Street of Fairlie, opposite the playground, surrounded on both sides by heritage trees. At night the cross shaped window on it’s eastern end is filled with light, a reminder to passersby of the illumination that Christ brings to human life.

Tucked away on Kirke Street is the gorgeous St Stephen’s, a smaller, traditional Anglican Church with a delicate timber interior and a beautiful sense of God’s presence. Worship at St Stephen’s is more contemplative with communion. Christmas Eve and Easter Morning are also celebrated at St Stephen’s each year.

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